Corporative services

Assessment and team analysis

Make an assessment and analysis of your team. Functional company = Functional team.

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Selection and recruitment of staff

Lower the risk in creating a successful team.

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It is not enough to have professional qualifications only, something more is needed.

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Specialized stress management

Release the stress in the working environment and everyday life

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Business communication techniques

Communication skills are the foundation of the training programs for employees.

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Success package

Motivation package for company targets realization.

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Political package

Specialized business communication techniques in politics.

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Working styles affect the overall operations: the way we organize our work, time management, functioning in relation to others, our contribution to the team, communication style, etc.

Make an assessment and analysis of your team in order every employee to find out its own working style and to facilitate the work of the manager with the team. Team effectiveness = Organizational productivity!

Functional company = Functional team.


The selection of appropriate candidates that meet short-term and long-term needs and requirements of the organization is a process that is very important for any organization.

If the needs and requirements for the appropriate position in the organization match the needs, aspirations and desires of the candidate, then a successful selection is done and implies satisfied employees and efficient working of the company.

For this purpose, the selection of personnel should be conducted professionally, passing through several phases


• Interview with applicants
• Testing of specific knowledge and skills required for the job, as well as tests for determining the characteristics of the personality of the candidate which is crucial for functioning in the organizational context
• Final interview which will help the final selection of the most appropriate candidate for the required working position.

Company with the right choice of employees is provided with reliable source for development of team cohesion and mutual trust, work in zone of peak performance and growth oriented company.



Why some people are simply gifted to enjoy life, they are charming us at first sight, quickly float out of their problems, others sink into them?

With EQ package you are getting capability for:

• Easy recognition of the emotions (your own and other people’s)
• Successful managing emotions under stress
• Social awareness
• Successful management of conflict and the ability to communicate clearly
• Motivation – finding your personal pleasure without external stimuli!

Be close to yourself and to others!


Release the stress from the working environment and everyday life. Relaxation techniques with everyday use get to psychophysical relaxation – less sickness, discover happiness, increase creativity, better concentration, stress reduction.
Designed in three levels We let you learn techniques to help you in stress release every time in need.

3 Levels:

• Relax in business - relaxed strategy to better results (less sickness, discover happiness, increase creativity, better concentration, stress reduction, depression, instability and negative emotions).
• Relax in Life - relax techniques with everyday usage get to psychophysical relaxation and medical effect (breathing techniques, visualization, isometric muscle relaxation, visualisation, blood pressure)
• Mindful моменти - technique that gives full involvement at the present moment (observe without analysis and critics, open your senses with less negative thoughts). Presents very powerful moment for self observation and support in the change process.
• Interactive workshop for stress management in an 6 hours


• Assertive training(strengthening of specific communication skills that enhance self-confidence and determination, improving negotiations, problem solving). The world's leading companies implement this in their basic training program for employees.
• Strengthening leadership skills
• Communication skills for dealing with conflict
• Time management


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