Robin Sieger event

On 28.10.2011г.
Therapeutic center Equilibrium – Mind and Vision organized an interactive meeting “Success as a way of life” with Robin Sieger.

Exciting and original event with Robin Sieger - a world class expert on success winning and motivation, a successful businessman and he is not a ‘theory guy’ he is a business practitioner.
Sieger in an interesting way gave us the massage that anyone can change his life any time he wants and through personal change we can achieve success in every aspect of life. We can achieve every goal if we strongly believe in what we are doing and apply the steps on the path to success that Robin has successfully reached through his personal experience. We all have potentials to be successful, but it requires a confidence to set our goals and put beliefs before behaviors. 

Start the change NOW!

We are very thankful to all the participants for making this event successful and the atmosphere so pleasant in which the lecturer was delighted.

Many thanks! See you on a next interesting journey with a common goal – new successes!


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