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Sports Psychology

The best athletes in the world are at the top because they have superior mental game.

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Professional orientation

To make an easier way for student’s professional carrier path development, Therapeutic centre Equilibrium gives opportunities in primary and secondary schools, with individual and group testing and consulting for professional orientation.

Professional orientation represents a testing process that identifies student’s interests with their potential professional qualities. Therapeutic centre Equilibrium creates students opportunities through testing and consulting, to appropriately choose a successful professional career path, defined by student’s ability, talent, interest and emotional wish.


Prenatal education classes for expectant parents

Dear all,

We would like to inform you that Therapeutic center Equilibrium begins with prenatal education classes for expectant parents to meet your needs on the 01.03.2014.

Due to the growing need for education of expectant parents and the psychological pressure they feel during pregnancy, there is a necessity of an educational course that will include specifically designed program which offers a wide variety of interesting and informative classes. The program includes clarification of certain issues related to the changes that occur in woman during this period with an emphasis on the psychological changes.

Implementers of the course are psychotherapists and gynecologist.

Participation in this course will allow you to answer the most common dilemmas such as:

Topics are organized into seven sessions, one session once per week with a duration of 1,5hours.

The course is recommended for expectant parents to attend early in their 3rd trimester.

Theoretical concepts that will be used in the prenatal educational course by the psychotherapists are in the field of developmental psychology, systemic family therapy and transactional analysis.

We know that the more you know, the better prepared you will feel and the more confidence you will have.

Duration of the course is two months, once a week, 1,5 hours.

Fee per session: 600 den. per woman or per couple.

02 322 92 77; 070 350 798

Dimitrije Tucovik, 39 , Skopje


Sports Psychology

The best athletes in the world are on the top because they have superior mental game. The psychological stability of the athlete brings to perfection the physical performance. Ultimate athletes have extraordinary mental concept that leads to success. For this purpose we have formed program which is adjusted specifically for individual and group sports which uses proven psychological techniques sports and methods of improving sports performance whether you're at regular match or training. Psychological strategies are implemented before, during and after matches. The formula for achieving the desired result is:

Psychological training + Physical Training = Performance → goal (Success)

How does your mental game interfere with your sport game?

Reduced self-confidence (62% of young athletes have problems with uncertainty in itself), Reduced focus, Fear of failure, Instable (inconstant) performance, Anxiety over (during) performance, Lack of breath under pressure, Reduced performance under pressure, Reduced motivation, Negative thoughts.

How to get a better mental game without great effort and speed?

In group or individually supported by your sports coaches will work as a team. You will learn techniques and methods like Isometric muscular relaxation and relaxation Visualization, Ability to maintain focus, Able to maintain emotional control, increasing self-confidence, target orientation, automatism, strengthening of cohesion, attitude towards the coach (parent), self -control-ability to maintain emotional control regardless of distraction, to be in zone, rational and positive thoughts of success, motivation. Overcoming specific psychological problems affecting sport:

Fear (of the opponent, of winning, of competition, of the match, etc.), overcoming, stage fright, distractions, injury, loss of breath, effort and crisis, depression. Athletes enjoy the sport without effort...

Learn your mind and body to work as a team - one to another - HEALTHY MIND INTO HEALTHY BODY!