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Therapeutic center Equilibrium

Our goal

"To provide fast, effective, scientifically proven solution for your psychological problems."

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MD Msc Vera Jovanovska Tipko

General manager and founder of Therapeutic center Equilibrium, psychiatrist, cognitive behavior psychotherapist, coroner of psychiatry.

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Irena Stojevska Kulafkovska, MD

Psychiatrist, Cognitive Behaviour al Psychotherapy Counselor.

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Iskra Serafimova

Office assistant.

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Therapeutic center Equilibrium – Mind and Vision

Founded:In 2002 year, recognized of the expertly conducted cognitive behavior psychotherapy.

MOTTO: Mental health – a priority for everyone.

PRIMARY ACTIVITIES: Psychotherapy, Pharmacotherapy, Counseling, Corporate psychology and human resource managing, Psychological training for athletes.

Effective, evidence based therapeutic approach:

• Psychodiagnostic, appropriately chosen for the individual
• Cognitive-behavioural psychotherapycombined with pharmacotherapy (depends on the type of problem)
• Psychotherapy type - Transactional analysis
• Professional counseling

Unique in:

• Virtual Reality therapy for rapid and effective treatment in solving specific phobias (fear of flying, social phobia, fear of heights..) as well as improving communicational and presentational skills. Equilibrium is a clinical partner of Virtually Better Company, Atlanta, USA.
• Audio Visual Stimulation of brain waves using MindWorld Spectral Vision Super Exclusive device. Quick relaxation, improved mood and sleep, strengthening the brain activity through light and sound stimulations that synchronize left and right brain hemisphere.

Other specialized services:

• Corporative services trainings for companies in managing human resources and specialized trainings practically applicable. We are guided by the priority needs of the organizations in order to create healthy strategy development, reduced stress, increased motivation and success.
• Psychology training for athletes teaches the athletes psychology strategies for improving their sport performance and personal development.
• Interactive workshops/seminars that provide professional staff and we build a professional network and international collaborations. We are aiming to increase the awareness and education of mental health care. We want to break the taboos that still exist in our country with motto that mental health problem is not “craziness”, it is a possibility for everyone to discern themselves deeper, to change and to grow through the knowledge of a true values and potentials.

Our values:

• Integrity and honesty.All our actions are guided by ethics, respect and rights of a person, data protection and strict confidentiality, quality, availability.
• Professionalism. Our team consists of licensed professionals in their professional sphere, with built specific skills through personal development and education. We apply scientifically proven methods and techniques, participate in scientific research, follow the latest trends in medicine, psychotherapy, corporative and sport psychology; we keep to the to the guidelines and algorithms provided by competent qualified institutions. If we can not provide you with the certain professional help, we will advice you where to find the appropriate help.
• Passion and innovation. Driven by a constant desire, faith and work on ourselves , we believe in the strength of the potential of people. Through a process of research and learning, challenge and change, we provide innovative business and psychological solutions.
• Social responsibility. We initiate and undertake an active role in society acting through the promotion of personal potential, which is reflected in all fields. We improve the quality of a lifestyle, expertly informing, improve children and adults health, enhancing productivity in the business sector, creating a national sports scores.


MD Msc Vera Jovanovska Tipko


General manager and founder of Therapeutic center Equilibrium, psychiatrist, cognitive behavior psychotherapist, coroner of psychiatry
Writing about myself is something that reminds me of the things which I’ve done with hard work, perseverance and a lots of lots of love, and dedicated to my professional and personal development in order to believe with certainty that everyone can deliver changes within themselves, no matter how they seemed unachievable.

Professional conclusion

• My 13 years working experience as a cognitive-behaviour psychotherapist and 6 years working experience as a psychiatrist, includes specific expertise of combined cognitive behavioral psychotherapeutic and pharmacological approach in effectively coping with depression, panic attacks, social anxiety, specific phobias, somatoform disorders (hypochondria), obsessive -compulsive disorder, eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia), sexual dysfunction etc.
• During my professional development, I introduced evidence based innovations, modern therapeutic interventions that were seen for the first time in my country. One of the innovative therapeutic interventions is Virtual Reality therapy for quick and effective dealing with specific phobias (fear of flying, public speech, heights, confined space, etc.) and strengthening communication skills, as well as Audio-visual direct stimulations of brain waves using Mind World Super Exclusive device which provides quick relaxation, improved mood, dealing with insomnia, as well as strengthening the focus, concentration and learning, synchronizing the left and right brain hemisphere.
• Areas of specific corporate expertise - stress management, assertive training in communication and negotiation, emotional intelligence for improving motivation and leadership, conflict resolution, as well as strengthening specific individual leadership skills.
• Implementation of individual and group professional program – psychological training for athletes.
• Educator and mentor for specialized training of professional staff in cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy.
• I satisfied many scientific and practical standards of my profession but I still remain actively committed to continuous professional development. Through my lecturing and scientific research in the country and abroad, I’m doing the exchange of professional experience.
International coordinator of the Association for Cognitive Behaviour Psychotherapy in Macedonia
International coordinator of Macedonian Association for Psychotherapy
An active member of the Scientific Board of the European Association of Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy.


Accreditation by the British Association for Cognitive behavioral Psychotherapy (BABCT) for educator and supervisor
Specialization in Psychiatry, University of St.Ciril and Methodius, Faculty of Medicine
Maser and subspec. in cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, University of Dundee, Scotland, UK (Chevening scholarship)
Medical doctor, University St.Ciril and Methodius, Faculty of Medicine


Marija Stefanova,

Psychologist, psychotherapist, assertive communication coach, specializing Management of human resources

My long term education in psychotherapy and communicology, Transactional analysis, for me as a psychologist, gave me a good basis for developing applicable methods and techniques in several areas of my professional interest.
The experience gained through working in medical facilities and through daily contact with clients, helped me to specialize in the areas of:

• psychotherapy with children, adolescents and adults
• psychodiagnostic

Working with students from many high schools allowed me invaluable experience in professional orientation, which is crucial for young people who are starting to build their professional identity.
Also, the experience gained in the selection and recruitment of personnel, work in teams and their analysis, further facilitation of different areas: communication, assertive training, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence in business, determination of working styles, team roles, etc., where trough certain communication techniques and methods, certain practical methods are worked out, has built my specialty as a psychologist in the area of corporate psychology.


Irena Stojevska Kulafkovska, MD,


Psychiatrist, Cognitive Behaviour al Psychotherapy Counselor.

My long term education in the field of psychiatry and cognitive behavioral psychotherapy, as well as my dedication to my professional and personal development, gave me a good basis for developing applicable methods and techniques which I use in everyday work through:

• Specific and combined cognitive behavioral psychotherapeutic and pharmacological approach in effectively coping with depression, panic attacks, social anxiety, specific phobias, somatoform disorders (hypochondria), obsessive -compulsive disorder, eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia), sexual dysfunction etc.
• Direct exposure and guiding the client in Virtual reality therapy, which is implemented and unique in the region in our Therapeutic center, as a very quick and effective way to treat the majority of anxiety disorders and specific phobias (fear from heights, elevators, thunderstorms, public speaking, flying and etc.).
• Professional training in the field of communication and public speaking skills.
• Continuous professional development, through my scientific research and exchanging of professional experience in the country and abroad.