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About us

About us


Private health institution, Specialist psychiatric and psychotherapeutic clinic EQUILIBRIUM

FOUNDED: Year 2002, recognized by expertly conducted Psychiatry, Cognitive Behavior Psychotherapy and Human Resource Management.

EFFICIENT: Psychodiagnostics and modern treatment, cognitive behavioral psychotherapy with innovative methods with virtual reality and audio-visual stimulation.


Our story

EQUILIBRIUM is a private practice specialized in providing psychiatric and psychotherapeutic services tailored to each individual patient.

For 20 years now, we have mental health care, well-recognized by expertly conducted cognitive behavioral psychotherapy and psychiatric treatment, as well as innovative scientifically proven treatments such as Virtual Reality Therapy and audio visual stimulation for which we are unique in the region.

We are proud that we are able to provide fast service and easy accessibility with first class care. We want every patient to feel that he has experienced personalized attention in every contact in a relaxing atmosphere.

Our location enables us to provide services for a large demographic area, and at the same time to be easily accessible – we are in the heart of Skopje, opposite the fountain of the City Park.

The appointments can be scheduled online, without waiting, with guaranteed confidentiality.

Our primary goal is to provide you with proper diagnostics and effective scientifically proven treatment for your psychiatric problems.

Guided by the belief in the strength of people’s potentials, we take a proactive social role through expert information to the public and involvement in projects that cover scientific research and education.