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Audio-Visual Therapy

Audio-visual stimulation is carried out through a special device Mindworld SpectralVision SuperExclusive which is used as an intervention for the treatment of insomnia, depression, anxiety, headache, ADHD, and rehabilitation after brain strokes specialized on the combination of light stimulation and rhythm, tone and musical effect of sound. Light stimulation is done through specially designed goggles (SpectralVision Multi-Color20 glasses) that emit different colors, and sound stimulation is achieved through music from special music CDs using Mindworld HoloSync headphones. Allows clients to synchronize the left and right hemisphere. The device uses 100 different programs that stimulate the 4 brain waves (alpha, beta, theta and delta) depending on the effect to be achieved with the client. While the audio-visual session lasts, the client is placed in a comfortable half-sitting or lying position in a separate ambient room to experience his desired effect. Treatment that brings you to a psychic effect without speaking!